A presentation of our school in English

The Special School of Agria, Greece, was founded in 2000. It has a student population with diverse learning disabilities, motor disabilities, autism, developmental syndromes, sensory disabilities etc. Currently, we teach 40 students with ages ranging from 6 to 15 years. Our staff consists, apart from special teachers, from psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, class assistants, other support staff, etc.

The school resides in an olive grove in the Pedopolis of Agria, close to this picturesque seaside town (pop. 5000) and just 5 kms from the major city port of Volos (pop. 150.000). Pedopoles were originally purposed for orphaned children of the 2nd WW. Currently, the Pedopolis of Agria hosts, apart from our little school, the special kindergarten school of Agria in the same building. Also, the Greek Red Cross hosts non accompanied children refugees across several buildings.